Compassionate Legal Guidance To Secure Your Future

Horvath Law helps residents in Indianapolis and the surrounding counties navigate complex legal concerns that threaten their well-being. We can help families solve a variety of problems, including:

  • Divorce and other family law issues
  • Estate planning
  • Immigration law
  • Criminal defense

Regardless of your case-type, your needs remain the center of our focus. We understand that your case outcome seriously impacts your future, and we do everything that we can to maximize your results.

There is no single solution that works for all people. Valerie Horvath carefully analyzes your circumstances and addresses your case on an individual basis. We develop a personalized strategy to address your goals.

Providing Value, Respecting Your Resources

We understand that one of your concerns may be the cost of hiring an experienced lawyer. Horvath Law strives to provide significant legal guidance and protection to all of our clients while respecting your resources. Our firm seeks to exceed your service expectations while keeping costs at a minimum. We carefully employ the most cost-effective strategies available to secure the outcome that you deserve. Valerie Horvath has provided over 10 years of legal guidance to her clients and she continues to thoughtfully solve even the most complex cases to secure your future.

Contact Horvath Law For Responsive Service

We take great pride in assisting Indiana residents with complicated legal concerns. Our firm can carefully evaluate your immigration, family law, criminal defense or estate planning needs and honestly advise you on next steps. We respect the urgency of your case and will respond to your call in a timely manner.

Call 317-643-5387 to schedule a free 30-minute case evaluation. You may also contact our firm online.